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Meet Your Team

Joseph Rhoades
Position: Chief Operating Officer

License: M- 41330

Specialty: Water Treatment; Management/Marketing

Hobbies: Fishing, Photography & His Family

Interesting Fact: Former Auctioneer’s Apprentice

Jonah “Seth” Smith
Position: Field Supervisor/Installation Manager

License: T-418

Specialty: Technical Diagnostic & Industry Development

Hobbies: Fly Fishing, Hunting, Camping, attending his children’s sports & drumlins events

Interesting Fact: Operated First Backhoe (properly) By Age 10

Brandon Graham
Position: Sewer & Drains Manager

License: A-134955

Specialty: Drain Repair, Troubleshooting & Planning

Hobbies: Traveling To The Beach With His Family & Fishing

Interesting Fact: Clark ( Of Lewis & Clark) In Maternal Lineage & David Crockett In Paternal

Shawn Chapman
Position: Service Plumber

License: J-32779

Specialties: Pumps, Lift Stations, Commercial Industrial Plumbing

Hobbies: Las Vegas, Hunting

Interesting Fact: Owned his own successful Plumbing Company twice, Plumbed the very first house in Sun City, TX

Tory Crow
Position: Service Plumber

License: T-6108

Specialty: Solar Systems & Leak Detection (residential, commercial, municipal)

Hobbies: Fishing, Guitar & Kayaking

Interesting Fact: Has located leaks for entire cities

Paul Schultz
Position: Service Plumber

License: J-41128

Specialty: Water Heaters,

Hobbies: 80s Rock, Baseball

Interesting Fact: Bilingual Interpreter

Travis Davis
Position: Service Plumber

License: J- 44564

Specialty: Slab Leaks & Grinder Pumps

Hobbies: Fishing, Hunting, Spending Time With His Children

Interesting Fact: 3rd Generation Plumber

Nick Moore
Position: Installation Plumber

License: T-4434

Specialty: Remodel/construction, Tunnel Repair

Hobbies: Arrowhead & Artifact Hunting

Randy Hill
Position: Senior Drain Technician

License: A-91861

Specialty: Drain clearance & Installation

Hobbies: Blacksmithing, Camping

Interesting Fact: Served As Marine Infantryman, Both Parents Deaf & Learned Sign Language At Young Age

Joshua Karr
Position: Apprentice

License: A-11897

Specialty: “Loving working with drains & water softeners”

Hobbies: Video Gaming, Hunting

Stephanie Baer
Position: Dispatcher/CSR

License: NA

Specialty: Customer service & matching the right client with the right Plumbing Expert

Hobbies: being outdoors with my son flower arranging, watching college football

Interesting Fact: Can Juggle Oranges