Tunneling for Drain Piping Repairs

Tunnel Below Slab Leak Repair

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When you have a drain pipe leak or failure causing constant sewage backups under your foundation, it can be hard to imagine how we correct the issue. The old saying, ‘**** runs downhill’ comes to mind for many (we’ve also figured out how to make it go uphill if necessary).  A plumbing leak under the concrete slab of your foundation can be hard to identify and even harder to fix. When it comes to slab leak repair, there are really only three options. The first is to cut into the slab to access the pipes and plumbing under your house. The second option involved tunneling under the slab to get to the leaking pipes and solve the problem. The third is re-routing the service lines overhead and terminating the failed pipes below grade. This process is usually the fastest but does require a lot of access to walls and ceilings. Kinsey Plumbing Services offers our customers ALL the best possible services, and so we offer tunneling for slab leak repair services in Jarrell and Georgetown, TX. Contact our office at (512) 930-2677 to schedule your repairs or to learn more about what goes into tunneling under your home’s foundation. Our pros have tunneled miles of successful drain system rehabilitation, and we can fix yours too.

Crack in Foundation Caused by Slab Leak

Crack in Foundation Caused by Slab Leak

A Slab Leak Can Cause Damage to Your Home’s Foundation if Left Unattended.

There are many benefits of tunneling for slab leak repair. It is less invasive than cutting into the slab, which involves cutting a hole in the floor of your home once the location of the leaks has been detected. This is such a huge construction undertaking that homeowners often have to move out while the repairs are being made. With tunneling repairs, a tunnel is dug under the foundation of your home to provide the plumbers with access to the pipes. Because this happens on the outside of your home, you are perfectly safe to remain in the home during the repairs.

Tunneling for slab leak repair doesn’t harm your foundation, and the foundation itself is supported with beams placed in the tunnel during the process. Once the repairs are complete, the tunnel will be backfilled with dirt per a certified engineer’s specifications and a letter of certification is filed along with your municipal permit. Digging a tunnel under your home can be a dangerous task, and it requires a permit from OSHA to make sure that all safety procedures are being followed properly. Kinsey Plumbing Services always works quickly and safely to provide your home with the plumbing repairs you need.

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If you’ve been noticing a spike in your water bills, or hearing water running for no reason, you may have a leak in your plumbing under the slab of your foundation. Kinsey Plumbing Services always offers our customers the best possible options. We offer OSHA approved tunneling methods for slab drain pipe repair and replacement. We always perform the appropriate static pressure tests and camera inspect the system to make sure we are giving our clients the best options and always follow OSHA guidelines. If you need someone you can trust to tunnel for slab leak repair in Jarrell and Georgetown, TX, or anywhere in Williamson or Bell counties, contact our office at (512) 930-2677.