The Dangers of Small Water Leaks

When your home has a small water leak, you may be tempted to put off repairs. However, these water leaks can lead to multiple problems that go unnoticed until it’s too late. It’s always best to repair any size water leak as soon as it’s found to prevent big problems with hefty price tags.

Prevent Water Leak Damage in Your Home.

Even the Smallest Water Leaks Can Cause Extensive Damage to Your Home.

Insurance Denial

While some water damage is covered by a typical insurance policy, gradual damage is never covered. Therefore, if your small leak causes damages over time, they will not be covered by your policy. It’s always best to report any water damages as soon as they occur for the best possibility of coverage.

Mold Growth

As water and moisture sits, it begins to create the perfect environment for mold growth. Many kinds of mold are simply a nuisance, but there are a few that can cause major health problems. Mold removal is a costly and lengthy project that can be avoided with timely repair of your water leaks.

Structural and Cosmetic Damage

When your home has an unrepaired water leak, you may find yourself facing problems like rotted cabinets or flooring, weakened structural boards and braces, and peeling paint or paper. These problems can be wide-ranging and can require a simple coat of paint or can be extensive and need rebuilding or replacement.

While water leaks in your home are never any fun, they are much less costly and time-consuming than further problems that can stem from a continued leak. When you think you have a water leak, call the Kinsey Plumbing Services experts right away to provide realistic options for every budget. Call us today at (512) 930-2677 to schedule your appointment.