Unfreeze Pipes this Winter

Winter time means cold weather for most. While some winters are mild, others are freezing, and it’s not always possible to know what you’ll experience from year to year. When the weather’s freezing, your pipes are at risk of doing the same. You can end up with trickling water, a water blockage, or bursting pipes. What are you to do in order to unfreeze pipes this winter?

Unfreezing Pipes

Frozen Copper Pipe with Frost Burst and Leaking

Unfreeze Pipes this Winter.

First, you must find the frozen pipe. This isn’t always easy if you have a large house, or the pipe is outdoors. Frozen pipes will usually be in the coldest parts of your home where they are not exposed to the warm air from your HVAC unit. When you find it, there may be frost or condensation on it, and it will be extremely cold to the touch.

Next, you will want to apply gentle warmth to the pipe. Never use fire. Start by warming up the room; turn up your heater or open the pipe’s area up somehow to the warmer air. You could also set up a space heater in the room. Then, get a hair dryer and blow the warm air along the pipe. There is no need to hold it directly to the pipe. Just keep it at a reasonable distance, and move slowly and evenly to avoid rupturing the pipe. Be patient, and be cautious of using this electrical tool near a metal pipe with water.

Call for Help

Heat tape may also be useful. You wrap it around the pipe and plug it in. A cable will warm the pipe to thaw the ice. Be cautious when using it, and only use it as long as you need to thaw the pipe.

If you’re uncomfortable with any of these methods to unfreeze pipes, or your pipe has frozen and burst, or is leaking, then call our plumbers at (512) 930-2677 for frozen pipe repair in Jarrell and Georgetown, TX.